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Understanding soft wood lumber markets through data analysis
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Many lumber companies specialize in one or two particular regions, products, or markets. While that approach has been effective in the past, at Olympic we know the market is no longer simply regional, and so we operate in numerous markets across the world. Plenty of companies can put together a handful of the pieces to the puzzle, whereas we’re able to see the complete picture. And with this knowledge we can predict with confidence how the market will move.

Traditionally, the lumber industry has been slow to innovate. At Olympic we’ve made innovation a priority, constantly searching out the newest methods, technologies, and talent to maximize profits for both ourselves and our trade partners. Every year we add more powerful tools to our kit, harnessing new technologies to sharpen our insights. And every day we get better and better at analyzing the information we gather, enabling us to accurately forecast trends further and further ahead. The more you know, the more confidently you can act. Every choice that we make at Olympic is backed by an unbeatable combination of veteran industry knowledge and exhaustive trend analysis.

Our industry has been around a long time. Today, many of our industry leaders are beginning to retire, and it grows increasingly vital to recruit and mentor young people to replenish the talent pool. It’s our responsibility to build the next generation of our industry. To that end, we’ve made a radical commitment to search out the most promising emerging talent and nurture their development through a thorough and supportive mentoring process. Over the last decade, Olympic has recruited 20 new hires to our trading floor. These trainees usually spend at least a year at various divisions throughout .

Olympic before developing a business plan. We see each trader on our floor as an investment, an integral part of the team. We continue to perfect our training process with each candidate that goes through it. Olympic just finished its best year yet in our four decades in business. The exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas between our veteran members and our newer hires is one of the most exciting aspects of the company. At Olympic we believe we’re more than a team — we’re a family. When our partners win, we win. The success of one is the success of all.