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Understanding soft wood lumber markets through data analysis

We’re a group of forest products traders and support team doing things in this industry that haven’t been done before.

Our company is involved primarily in the trading, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution of forest products. Established in 1972, we have a strong record of success and a clear vision for a sustainable future in our industry. We believe in the strength, versatility and ongoing viability of our forests.

We trade, import, export and distribute forest products all over the world.

With over 105 daily transactions, we are a highly active participant in the movement of forestry products around the globe. By rail, sea and land, we move products with precision and efficiency, connecting the mills of forestry regions with end buyers in a variety of industries. We are proud to play a role in enabling and stimulating social, economic and commercial growth in the regions where we operate.

With an unmatched depth of market intellegence, we’re able to predict the future with stunning accuracy.

The core of what makes Olympic successful is our ability to understand and predict the global climate of forest product supply and demand. A boon of construction in one region has profound impacts on the resource economy of another. Demand for a species in one country creates a connection to an abundance in another. We keep our finger on the pulse of these global trends, allowing us unprecedented market intelligence and a competitive edge in the industry.

From the heart of British Columbia’s most productive sawmill region, Olympic connects customers and suppliers internationally through hard work, integrity and an absolute commitment to service.

Gerry Pankratz, President

Olympic Industries Global Shipping Network