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Understanding soft wood lumber markets through data analysis


Olympic founded by Jack McKinnon. Ted Hansen named as President


Established Pacific Pine Department


Established Cedar Department


Steve Granger named as President


Gerry Pankratz named as President

Established East Asia Export team


Established Log Department

Established Ocean Freight for the whole FCTG


Established South Asia/ Middle East Export Team


Established SYP Department


Established Derivative and Futures Department


Established European Import Department


Established Hardwood Department


Since our establishment in 1972, Olympic has focused on measured, sustainable growth through hard work, a spirit of innovation and an eye towards the future. The past ten years have seen a marked change in our business, as we’ve developed new business channels, increased our product offerings, seized new opportunities and ushered in a new generation of traders and support staff.

President's Message

Gerry Pankratz


I started at Olympic in 1998 and traded for 10 years before being appointed President in 2009. I strongly believe our growth and longevity are a direct result of our greatest asset, our employees. Our employees, averaging fourteen years of tenure, bring their extensive experience, entrepreneurship, and passion to the office every day. From the heart of BC’s most productive sawmill region, Olympic connects customers and suppliers internationally through integrity, hard work, and an absolute commitment to service. Our global presence gives us the best understanding of where the market is and most importantly, where it is going. Our vision is to become the world’s leading integrated forest products trading company. Olympic’s 17 key divisions trade in all major consuming regions, allowing us to supply our customers and mills with the information they need to manage risk and increase margin. Our long term success has been built on our unparalleled ability to provide global price discovery daily. I encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have. We work with the best in the world and are continuing to deepen our partnerships and develop new networks for distribution.


Aaron Riemersma

Trader, North America

Blake Moran

Trader, North America

Charles Nwoye

Trader, North America

Charlie Thorpe

Trader, North America

Craig Young

Trader, North America

David Topps

Trader, North America

Fraser Hesby

Trader, North America

George Dunn

Trader, North America/International

Greg Tanner

Trader, North America

Jacqueline Wong

Trader, North America

Kian Haynes

Trader, North America

Matt Froese

Trader, North America

Maverick Hatch

Trader, North America

Mike Mischke

Trader, North America/International

Rick Morrow

Trader, North America/International

Stefan Lyren

Trader, North America

Steve Galvin

Trader, North America

Steven Shott

Trader, North America

Taylor Fentiman

Trader, North America

Trevor Wentzell

Trader, North America

Tristen Di Curzio

Trader, North America

Warren Reece

Trader, North America

Will Ip

Trader, North America

Zach Hillhouse

Trader, North America

Zach Yan

Trader, North America/International

Cam Hebson

Trader Trainee

Graydon Staples

Trader Trainee

Jared Schmidt

Trader Trainee

Matt Maguire

Trader Trainee

Joel Alexander

Commodity Trader Intern


Bruce Tays


Jon Sitter


Haleigh Callison


Matt Vyner


Terry Baker



Abdullah Eshaq

Data Developer Intern

Alyssa Wandler

Remanufacturing & Reload Coordinator

Andie Ku

Data Developer

Andrii Ohiienko

Full-Stack Data Developer

Artem Pazych

Data Developer

Carla Hubbert


Chris Irwin

Network Administrator

Darcy Mercer

Head of People & Culture

Hassan Habib

Accounting & Office Assistant Intern

Jaelyn Attariwala

Accounting & Office Assistant

Jojo Boerman

Credit Assistant (Contract)

Karen Rose

Receptionist & Trader Support

Kerri Vyner

Remanufacturing Coordinator

Kinga Kukla

Reload & Invoicing Coordinator

Kirsten Finley

People & Culture Specialist

Lawrence Chan


Lindsay Elliott

Remanufacturing & Domestic Invoicing Coordinator

Margo Yang

Head of International Department and Trade Compliance

Matteo Friend

Marketing Coordinator Intern

Mavi Magsaysay

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Michael Louie

Import Reload Coordinator

Rick Secret

Credit Manager

Rita Chan

International Operations Coordinator

Shane Kumar

Systems Administrator

Tony Li

Head of Derivatives & Data

Yolanda Zhong

Domestic Reload Supervisor

Annual Revenue

“Our ability to not only weather, but flourish, during the economic downturn of 2008 is a testament to our stability and strength as an organization. Where others faltered, we stayed true to our core values and worked hard to maintain relationships with our partners—even in the tough times.”
—Gerry Pankratz, President
2009 $131,000,000 2010 $210,000,000 2011 $272,000,000 2012 $257,000,000 2013 $379,000,000 2014 $396,000,000 2015 $325,000,000 2016 $359,000,000 2017 $431,000,000 2018 $462,000,000 2019 $326,000,000 2020 $440,000,000 202 1 $635,000,000
2021 $635,000,000
Annual revenue in 2021 $635M

Company Structure

“Olympic offers so much variety. We have more than twenty five traders just on the domestic side — east, west, north, south, mid — all with the best information from everywhere, all working together, not just for themselves.”
—Taylor Fentiman, Trader
MANUFACTURING Cedar Pacific Pine Custom Cut Logs IMPORT EXPORT SYP Logs Hardwood Lumber CDN Logs Softwood Lumber DERIVATIVES Risk Management DISTRIBUTION SYP Lumber US Lumber Eastern Canada Western Canada OLYMPIC INDUSTRIES
US Lumber Cedar SYP Logs Risk Management West Canada Pacific Pine Softwood Lumber CDN Logs East Canada Custom Cut Logs Hardwood Lumber SYP Lumber OLYMPIC INDUSTRIES DISTRIBUTION IMPORT MANUFACTURING Export DERIVATIVES
Divisions of Olympic Industries 17

Transaction Activity

“Olympic has been Millar Western’s trading partner for nearly half a century. Not only do they buy all products in all markets, their distribution network allows them to sell our products to customers on a global scale. Through our exchange of market intelligence, we are both able to make better business decisions. We value our relationship with Olympic and look forward to seeing it continue to grow and evolve.”
—Ryan Miller, Millar Western Forest Products
5 Finished Manufact- uring 7 Derivatives 18 Import 31 Export 41 North America
                       5                                                          Manufa-         cturing                       7                                                                        Deriva-         tives                       18                                                                                                                                                     Import                       31                                                                                                                                                                                                             Export                       41                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            North         America               
Transactions per day 102

Forest City Trading Group

Forest City Trading Group is comprised of 12 companies, each of which has a unique set of expertise and local perspective. As the parent company to Olympic, FCTG provides support, market intelligence, financial strength and a strong balance sheet that allows for unparalleled purchasing power and connections to the largest suppliers and buyers in the world.
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Other Buying groups Export Multi-family Industrial Distribution ProDealer
Pro Dealer Multi-family Other Industrial Buying groups Distribution Export
Forest City Trading Group is comprised of 12 companies, each of which has a unique set of expertise and local perspective. As the parent company to Olympic, FCTG provides support, market intelligence, financial strength and a strong balance sheet that allows for unparalleled purchasing power and connections to the largest suppliers and buyers in the world.
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