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Understanding softwood lumber markets through data analysis
  • Market Intelligence

Olympic Industries operates globally, offering significant benefits to our building material partners. We keep a close eye on all lumber markets worldwide, allowing us to stay informed about developments everywhere. While the data might seem complex, we're skilled at spotting patterns within the global lumber economy maze. Our Data & Derivatives team specializes in understanding these patterns, giving us an edge in predicting domestic market conditions accurately.

The advantages for our partners are two-fold: we can help them make the most of immediate building material opportunities while also assisting them in crafting long-term strategies for navigating the global lumber market. This flexibility is especially valuable in the constantly changing world of lumber wholesale, where seizing the right opportunities at the right time can make a big difference.

Our relationship with building material partners goes beyond just transactions; it's a collaboration focused on achieving lasting success. As a trusted lumber supplier, we recognize the importance of staying ahead in the competitive wood wholesaler market.

In the intricate world of lumber economies, we see ourselves as the key link connecting our partners to global market trends. With our unwavering dedication and deep understanding of lumber dynamics, Olympic Industries stands as a reliable ally for those seeking not just a lumber supplier, but a strategic partner in navigating the complexities of the wood wholesale industry.

  • Market Trends

Many lumber companies, like Olympic Industries, usually focus on specific regions, products, or markets. While this approach worked well before, the lumber market has evolved beyond regional boundaries. At Olympic Industries, we operate in various markets worldwide, making us a versatile lumber distributor. While some companies may grasp only a part of the puzzle, we have the ability to see the whole picture. With this comprehensive knowledge, we confidently predict movements in the lumber market.

Traditionally, the lumber industry hasn't been quick to embrace innovation. However, at Olympic Industries, we prioritize innovation by constantly seeking out new methods, technologies, and talent to increase profits for both ourselves and our trade partners as a wood supplier. Each year, we add more powerful tools to our arsenal, leveraging new technologies to enhance our insights. Our analytical capabilities improve daily, allowing us to forecast trends with increasing accuracy. Every decision at Olympic Industries is supported by a blend of veteran industry expertise and thorough trend analysis.

With many industry leaders retiring, it's crucial to recruit and mentor young talent to replenish the talent pool, especially in our role as a building material supplier. We take responsibility for nurturing the next generation of industry professionals. To achieve this, we've made a significant commitment to identifying promising emerging talent and guiding their development through comprehensive mentoring programs. Over the past decade, Olympic Industries has welcomed over 30 new hires to our trading floor, where they become valued members of our team and contribute to our position as a building material supplier. These trainees typically rotate through various divisions for at least a year.

We view each trader on our floor as an investment, an essential team member, and a vital link in our role as a lumber distributor. We continuously refine our training process with each candidate. Olympic Industries has experienced consistent growth over the past five years, and we're not slowing down. The exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas between our seasoned members and new hires is one of the most rewarding aspects of our company. At Olympic Industries, we see ourselves as more than just a team of lumber traders — we're a family. When our partners succeed, we succeed. The success of one reflects the success of all, highlighting our dedication as a wood supplier, building material supplier, and lumber distributor.

  • Risk Management

Our trade partners trust us deeply as their wood supplier, and we take that responsibility very seriously at Olympic Industries. We go to great lengths to protect our customers from risks. That's why we've put together a skilled team dedicated to trading derivatives on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This team works tirelessly to serve our clients, helping us manage prices to minimize potential losses for both our customers and lumber mills.

By using Futures to set prices, our lumber partners can feel confident that there won't be any surprises in store for them in the future. Armed with this assurance, they can plan their upcoming lumber projects more accurately, ensuring timely delivery while maximizing profits.

Olympic Industries has earned a solid reputation as a wood supplier through decades of honest and transparent dealings with our long-term partners. Our customers and lumber mills come back to us year after year because they trust that their investments are safe with us, a trust we've consistently proven. These enduring, collaborative relationships form the cornerstone of our wood distribution business, and they're all built on a foundation of trust.

Lumber yard delivering a wood shipment from a lumber distributor
  • Global Arbitrage

Being a global leader means having a broad perspective. We compete in forest product markets worldwide, which means we understand how events in one part of the world can impact conditions in another. For example, developments in China can affect markets in New Zealand, while changes in Europe can influence the North American market. Every region in the forest product industry is interconnected, so what happens in one area can have ripple effects elsewhere.

We use our global reach to serve our customers at a local level. We continuously gather and analyze data from all forest product markets, including those for western red cedar, douglas fir, SYP, and SPF. While our customers may focus on their specific region and expertise, the wealth of information we have can still benefit them.

Lumber prices can fluctuate greatly. With our unique position, we can oversee all markets simultaneously. By keeping an eye on prices and supplies worldwide, we can alert our customers to the best opportunities for buying, advising them on when, what, and how to purchase. Together, we can capitalize on regional price differences to find the products they need at the lowest cost. This often leads to significant savings, ensuring that Olympic Industries customers get the most value for their money.

Customers choose Olympic Industries not only for our quality forest products but also for our industry expertise and market analysis. It's this combination that transforms initial transactions into long-lasting relationships that span decades.

  • Merchandising

Many companies focus solely on moving a set quantity of wood products, often overlooking the specific needs of individual customers. This lack of flexibility means they offer only standard tallies and loads, which might include excess material that customers are forced to buy.

At Olympic Industries, our purchasing power and market expertise allow us to offer customized solutions tailored to each customer's needs, often saving them money. Through long-standing partnerships with our lumber mills, we can request custom loads on behalf of our clients, adjusting tallies to manage pricing and ensuring they receive only the products they require to maintain a balanced inventory. Our reputation for flexibility guarantees that our customers receive precisely what they need, exactly when they need it, at the best value.

Furthermore, our strong presence in the wood industry enables us to procure large volumes of products and distribute various tallies and grades to regions where demand is highest. Leveraging our deep understanding of the global wood market, we strategically target these areas of opportunity. Our agility allows us to supply the specific wood products our customers require swiftly. This blend of insight and efficiency maximizes profits for all involved.

Lumber Yard delivering a pallet of dimensional lumber
  • Logistics
Blind Channel DLS. Squamish, BC

No matter how much wood you sell, delivering it to your buyers on time is crucial. At Olympic Industries, we believe our job isn't complete until our customers have their wood products in hand. That's why we have dedicated teams managing both ocean and overland freight. Our experts oversee every aspect of your forest product's journey, from its storage location to its final destination.

Freight operations are becoming increasingly complex. The demand for vehicles is rising while the number of available drivers and operators is declining each year. Fortunately, thanks to our long-standing partnerships with trucking and rail companies throughout North America, Olympic Industries can ensure that our customers' orders, whether they're for western red cedar, douglas fir, SYP, or SPF products, receive top priority. We maintain direct communication with carriers, allowing us to track your shipment's progress and promptly address any issues that may arise. We're well-versed in the intricacies of international forest product shipping for those involved in wood import and export.

We've developed this level of expertise by integrating logistics into our training and mentorship programs from the beginning. Understanding freight dynamics is a fundamental aspect of our training process—every new team member spends at least a year working in the transportation division before transitioning to the lumber trading floor. This ensures that each of our lumber traders comprehends the importance of freight and possesses the knowledge to effectively serve our wood customers. With Olympic Industries, you can trust that your product is in capable hands every step of the way.