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Understanding softwood lumber markets through data analysis
  • Trading

With over 117 daily transactions, the Olympic trading floor is in constant motion. Our multilingual lumber traders, serving both domestic and international markets, offer our wood suppliers and customers profound knowledge of wood products and lumber market trends. Our team maintains supply agreements with primary producers across the globe to maximize market demands, allowing our wood suppliers to stay on the leading edge of global market intelligence.

We sell to all parts of the customer chain: distribution, retail, multi-family, independent contractor yards, industrial, national pro-dealer and the manufacturing sector. Our sourcing encompasses all lumber species and grades from all regions, including Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), Hem Fir/White Fir, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Yellow Pine and Western Red Cedar. Our Panel department also trades plywood for all species and OSB.

Our traders have a rare talent for matching production with customer needs and vice versa, with an experienced support staff aiding the process and ensuring a seamless transaction. All of our talent and expertise in commodity trading are bolstered with the trademark values of all Olympic employees: integrity, accountability, and efficiency.

A view of a wholesale wood lumber yard with stacks of lumber arranged in rows.
  • Distribution
McLean Rail Yard North Vancouver, BC

The structure of our lumber distribution division is such that Olympic Industries is able to offer, by far, the most efficient cost and the greatest amount of flexibility for our North American customers. Through a network of 117 lumber warehouse locations, our team is able to offer just-in-time delivery of a wide range of globally sourced wood products directly to our end users.

A key component of our competitive advantage is how we connect our global price discovery and market intelligence to the wood products that we are able to offer through our lumber distribution network. Since we are sourcing and purchasing lumber from all geographic regions, we’re able to provide a significant strategic advantage over providers who focus on wood products from a single region.

Through our relationships in the trucking industry, our inventory of wood products on the ground, leveraging third-party warehouse solutions and our advanced approach to management, we’re able to provide lumber distribution services at a significantly lower cost structure than our competitors. This combination of efficiency, our vast network of relationships and our global perspective make Olympic Industries a leader in the North American distribution space.

  • Import/Export
Blind Channel DLS. Squamish, BC

At Olympic Industries, we employ a truly global perspective in our lumber distribution business. Through our roots in North America and strong connections to lumber markets throughout the world, we have unparalleled access to information. Our team obsessively monitors market activity across the globe to identify specific demand regions and capitalize on global pricing trends.

This strategic, data-driven approach gives Olympic Industries the opportunity to provide much more than just wood products to our customers, it provides us unprecedented access to forward predictions on lumber pricing, the ability to effectively manage risk, and the insight to add significant value to each domestic, import, and export transaction.

  • Manufacturing

Our lumber business focuses on turning wood into parts that fit just what our customers need. Instead of only adding the Olympic Industries name to ready-made items, we team up with lumber mills to create wood products that meet our tough standards.

Unlike big lumber sawmills that sell many different sizes and types of wood, we do things differently. We take orders from clients and make exactly what they've asked for.  That means that in addition to our selection of standard lumber yard stock, we’re fully capable of handling custom orders.

We can also make special orders that match our customers' exact needs. We know how important it is to give people the exact things they need in the right amounts. In addition, our nimble and precise operation also allows us to turn that order around quickly - it’s always our goal to ship within two weeks.

We've been connecting customers with building materials since 1985. Over the years, we've learned a lot from working with our lumber mill partners. So, when you buy something from Olympic Industries, you know you're getting high-quality lumber that's been tested and trusted by many customers.

Discover the Beauty and Durability of Cedar Manufacturing with Olympic Industries' Exquisite Wood Products


In 1986, Olympic Industries revolutionized the construction landscape by entering the realm of White Wood pattern board manufacturing. This step addressed two critical industry concerns head-on.

The first concern involved the practices of major mills producing tongue and groove (T&G) products. These mills were shipping products coined as "product of the run". This meant that even within shipments of T&G products, off-grade pieces persisted, tarnishing the final product's quality.

The second challenge pertained to the unpredictable price fluctuations in #2 White Wood boards. This volatility left customers grappling with excess orders during low-price periods and surplus stock following price hikes.

To resolve these concerns, Olympic sourced raw materials and began to manufacture White Wood T&G, T&G decking, and other patterns. Our White Wood offers unsurpassed quality at the right price. By manufacturing our own White Wood products, we provided a stable anchor in the face of market price turbulence. This proactive approach empowered us to serve clients consistently and bridge the gap between market upheavals.

In an industry driven by quality and consistency, Olympic Industries has redefined norms. Our manufacturing prowess not only overcomes challenges but reshapes the White Wood pattern board market.


The significant majority of our raw materials are meticulously sourced from North Coast BC, a conscious decision that sets us apart. While others draw from many regions, we focus on a specific and carefully chosen selection of raw western red cedar wood. This deliberate strategy allows us to ensure unparalleled consistency in both quality and appearance throughout our manufacturing process. The 2x6 cedar decking you buy today will look the same as the 2x6 cedar decking you buy in two years.

While we create a variety of knotty wood cedar items, we also produce different kinds of fall-down and clear building material products. If you have a customer looking for affordable building material, we have Utility and Economy lumber grades to help. And if you're working with a high-end client, our clear cedar products are there to meet their needs.

Our expertise goes beyond making dimensional lumber. We also custom-cut BC coastal cedar logs to create appearance-grade timbers. This process not only gives us the wood we need, but it also provides export-grade clears and more raw materials for our cedar products.

In essence, our focus on North Coast BC materials, quality consistency, and a variety of products define who we are. From start to finish, our goal is to provide the best lumber to our customers.

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  • Derivatives
Olympic Industries. North Vancouver, BC

At Olympic Industries, we have revolutionized the building material industry by incorporating trading derivatives into our innovative service model. As a leading provider, we actively engage in trading futures and options on the renowned Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). By leveraging this expertise, we offer our customers a competitive edge in forecasting their requirements for upcoming projects.

Our dedicated team of experts excels in providing lumber market intelligence and forward pricing information. This valuable insight empowers our customers to develop more accurate quotations, mitigating potential financial risks and enabling effective long-term planning.

With our strategic approach to trading derivatives, we help our building material customers optimize their procurement strategies. By staying informed about the latest market trends and lumber pricing fluctuations, we assist them in making informed decisions about building materials. Our ability to provide real-time data and analysis equips their teams with the necessary information to negotiate better deals, secure competitive pricing, and maximize profitability.

Partnering with Olympic ensures that your building material projects are backed by market intelligence and expertise. Our commitment to leveraging trading derivatives enables us to offer unparalleled insights into the lumber industry landscape. Whether it's optimizing quotations, mitigating risk, or planning for the future, our innovative approach sets us apart as a trusted partner in the building material market.

Incorporate Olympic Industries’ unique service model today to harness the power of trading derivatives and revolutionize your building material procurement strategies.