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Understanding softwood lumber markets through data analysis
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Many companies are interested only in moving a certain quantity of wood products — the specific needs of individual customers are not necessarily a top priority. As a result, they’re inflexible, offering only certain tallies and loads. While those options may contain the wood product that a customer needs, there’s often excess material that they’re forced to buy.

Olympic Industries' buying power and market insight enable us to provide a customized solution which addresses a customer’s specific needs, while often saving them money in the process. We’ve worked with many of our partner lumber mills for years, and as preferred customers, we’re able to request custom loads on behalf of our clients. In this way, we can adjust tallys to moderate pricing and help our customers fill in specific products to maintain a balanced inventory. Our reputation and flexibility ensure our customers get exactly what they need when needed, at the best value for their dollar.

Our stature in the wood industry also allows us to acquire large volumes of product and distribute a spectrum of tallys and grades to the regions across the globe which have the greatest demand. With our global wood market knowledge, we can target these areas of opportunity. And our flexibility and dexterity enable us to move rapidly to supply the specific wood products they need. This powerful combination of intelligence and speed maximizes profits.

A lumber yard where a truck is transporting stacks on lumber into a truck