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Life after Athletics: A Career in Lumber Trading

Beyond their achievements on the field, many athletes have to pivot after their sports careers. At Olympic Industries, we have witnessed how the unique skills and determination attained by athletes have translated seamlessly into their roles as traders, leading to their success in commodity trading.

Read to the end for a testimonial video of our current traders and explore the possibilities of becoming a Trader at Olympic Industries.

The Allure of Lumber Trading for Athletes

Lumber trader working on their computer sitting at a desk

For athletes transitioning out of the world of sports, the lumber trading industry offers a promising opportunity.

Alignment with Their Competitive Nature and Team-Oriented Mindset

Competition is ingrained in the very fabric of an athlete's existence. This competitive spirit and drive to win extend to the lumber trading industry, where success relies on staying ahead of market trends and outmaneuvering competitors. Just as athletes are accustomed to working collaboratively with teammates, they easily adapt to the team-oriented nature of Olympic Industries, where networking and partnerships play a vital role in success.

Growth Opportunities

One of the most appealing aspects of the lumber trading industry for athletes is the potential for growth correlates to how driven and hard you work. The market's ever-changing nature means that opportunities thrive for those who are astute and adaptable. This industry rewards hard work, determination, and a willingness to learn – qualities that athletes inherently possess.

As athletes start to build their careers in lumber trading, they discover opportunities to challenge themselves, apply their competitive nature, and experience professional growth.

Soccer player cheering after scoring a goal

Skills from the Field that Translate to Trading

Athletes bring a lot of transferable skills to the lumber trading industry. Their discipline, work ethic, and exceptional time management skills ensure they approach each trading day with a focused and purposeful mindset. Athletes understand the value of hard work, setting goals, and staying organized – qualities that prove invaluable in commodity trading.

Teamwork and Communication

In both sports and lumber trading, success often hinges on teamwork and clear communication. Athletes are amazing teammates, understanding that working together yields the best results. This team-oriented approach applies directly to trading, where professionals work together to analyze data, share insights, and make informed decisions. Additionally, excellent communication skills foster strong client relationships and facilitate successful transactions. Our trader-athletes continue to prove themselves in the world of lumber and commodities.

Olympic Industries’ Training Process

At Olympic, we believe in investing in the future by training promising talent. Our commitment to growth and development is at the core of our supportive training process.

Before stepping onto the trading floor, we ensure that each member of our team gains a complete understanding of our business channels. By training them in each department, we provide a holistic perspective that enriches their decision-making abilities and strategic thinking.

Success Stories: Athletes Turned Lumber Traders



Athletes have proven to be natural fits in the lumber trading industry, leveraging their discipline, teamwork, and decision-making skills to excel in the commodities market. If you are an athlete looking for your next chapter and want to learn more about lumber trading, check out our current opportunities below.


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